Even though the title of this page is pretty formal and sounds very much like the third person… I’m going to write this myself, as myself.  Rather than pretending I’m a big shot!  …I’ll stick to the truth and tell you I’m just a quirky creative making little bits of art all the time – in many forms, and I’ve got a head full of so many ideas it just may burst one day.  As long as I keep writing them down in sketchbooks, I think I’ll be ok…

I grew up on a rural Minnesota farm where I crooned for the horses, cats and dogs and tap danced on the above-ground, concrete well to entertain passers by (and anyone who would listen).  I admittedly wrote many songs about my first love, Bandit (an English Springer Spaniel) – who I swore I would marry, or at least bring to the prom when I was old enough.  But that was before I knew anything about boys.  I will say, however, that dogs (and horses for that matter) still hold a VERY high position on my love list.

I played sports in Elementary/Junior High School, but my passion for the arts quickly took over and I became that annoying girl who choreographed everything and was probably a little bossy with my desire to make our school projects *spectacular*!  Through High School I danced, painted, performed in musicals, small choral groups and All-State Choir which lead to my acceptance at Brigham Young University’s pretty selective Music Dance Theatre Program.

I ended up leaving BYU early to take a job singing and dancing at the grand opening of Universal Studios in Japan for one year.  That’s where I grew up a bit, learned about a wide array of toilets (from a hole in the ground, to those warmed and electronic – more complicated than an iPhone seems to your great aunt Edna), and sushi.  Let me tell you, sushi is not a staple food on a rural Minnesota farm.

After my contract ended in Japan I hopped a plane to Manhattan to continue my studies at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.  Since then, I’ve been on stage in South Korea, throughout NYC including the Off Broadway play, “The Rise of Dorothy Hale”, on television in various commercials, on ABC’s All My Children, As The World Turns on CBS, and the newly released feature film, SOLOMON GRUNDY.

My debut EP of original music, Take This Town, was released in June of 2012 and was featured on ThePioneeerWoman.com.  I’m kind of a nerd about that website, so check it out if you’d like.  That’s where I talk about my involvement with the kids choir included on my album, and how important I feel art and music is for kids and their development.  I hope to continue to work with kids throughout my artistic life, to share and play with them in the visual, theatrical and musical arts.  The experience is high energy and high reward!

When I’m not on stage or on set, I spend my time in the visual arts, designing logos, layout, packaging, promotional items and websites.  …and doodling …and decorating my eclectic, mid-century, boho, historic, bungalow in my hometown.  I recently moved back part-time to this place that I will always call home.  So now my life is perfectly balanced between small town, country living and big city career climbing.  Can’t get any better than that in my book.

In fact, I’m starting a movement – an online group for people like me who love their hometown and want to revive, revitalize, rethink, and save their shrinking small towns.  This is a work-in-progress movement to save itty bitty cities and farming communities one entrepreneur, one artist, one person with a passion at a time.  Read more about the Itty City Big Town project.

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If you’d like to peruse my MakieDoll blog, you can get started with a couple posts below.  When I’m not in LA or NY, you will find me on the farm with these animals I love…

Why MakieDoll? You see, I started this blog in 2009 with the tagline, “Models of Myself, the Woman, and the Girl.”  Makie is my nickname (something my 2 year old sister coined when I was a baby).  The purpose of utilizing a blog platform was not only to document and comment on life as I see it, including creativity, inspiration, motivation, etc., but to explore the concept of what it means to be a woman, what it means to be authentically oneself, and how that started for me as a girl.  I’d like to explore ideas on what we can provide our young girls with today as far as opportunities, role models, and media.  I’ve done some pro-bono work with the Gena Davis Institute for Gender & Media Equality, and if you have the time and interest, do check it out.  They are doing wonders with media research and are inspiring positive change within the children’s media market to create equality between not only the ratio of young female characters to young male characters, but the type and quality of young female characters.  It’s good stuff 🙂


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