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I recently moved back part-time to a place that I will always call home.  This place happens to be a tiny, farming community in Southern Minnesota.  It’s quite a change from the Big Apple and sunny L.A., but it is full of people I love, nature, animals, fresh air, opportunities to create – and it’s in need of saving…  If you haven’t noticed, small towns have been shrinking in the past 30-40 years, but there’s a resurgence of locally-minded people who want to get back to their roots and create sustainable communities once again.

I’m pretty passionate about this.  So while I balance my time between the big cities where I do my artistic work, and this itty, bitty, city I love,… I hope to focus my efforts on reviving my hometown, and propelling a movement to save small town America.  How might this happen, you ask?  One entrepreneur, one artist, one person with a passion at a time.  …and a media central location to gather and share information.

Be on the lookout for Itty City Big Town, a website for people like me who love their home town and want to revive, revitalize, rethink, and save their shrinking small towns.  Itty City Big Town will be a place to converse and share ideas, and a web series following my friends and I as we traverse these uncharted waters.  To stay up-to-date on the progress of this project, sign-up for my Newsletter.  Or to get involved in the movement, contact me here.

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