I strongly believe in the need for music & art in children’s lives, specifically within their developmental environment – both in the home and at school.  You may read some of my thoughts on this in a featured interview at ThePioneerWoman.com. (I’m a nerd about that website and was really excited to be featured there! Click here to read if you’d like.)  Given this desire I have to give kids the gift of music and art (something I was very blessed to have growing up from my family and teachers), I was thrilled to partner with the South Lebanon Elementary children’s choir on my EP, Take This Town.  Those special kids can be heard on the songs, “Butterfly” and “Pretty in Red”.  I hope to continue working with kids throughout my artistic life, to share and play with them in the visual, theatrical and musical arts.  The experience is high energy and high reward!

If your youth/school choir would like to perform “Butterfly”, I happily give of my time to come and work with the kids for a day and perform with them at their concert.  Contact me here if you’d like me to come to your school, and I’ll check my schedule!