Pretty in red, casual blue tells not of her spirit, but the hiding she’ll do
She threw out the red, covered in blue, tossed out her black heels, wore sensible shoes

A drink drowns it out, but we have a voice
She’ll light up a smoke, come on make a choice
Angry, she’s angry, angry, so angry

She had them too young but they were just fine, she fed them and bathed them and made up her mind
They grew up old, she sent to school, said she’d go back then, but felt like a fool

A decade had gone, but you have us here
She’d closed up her song, and we want to hear
Suppressed her ambitions and hid for so long
Remember your path, please sing your song
Sorry, she’s sorry, sorry, so sorry

She took her last sip, dug out her clothes
Found some red lipstick and let them know
She’s sorry for hiding, sorry for holding, sorry for the talking back
Sorry for the blinding, sorry for the scolding, happy to be coming back
Happy, she’s happy, happy, so happy

Pretty in red, casual blue is no longer masking the living she’ll do