Connecting Humanity Through Creativity

Art Buddies Unite is a creative response to isolation & conflict.
The goal is to forge new friendships across the globe by sending simple works of art to one-another!
Will you join me?

Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, we all have creativity inside us.
Please consider being a part of the Art Buddies Unite movement.

►  There is healing power in positive connection! 

(Makenzie Bloomer)
Founder, Art Buddies Unite


Hi, I’m Makie, I’m a music artist & visual artist. In an effort to combat isolation and divide, I feel it’s important reach out & connect with each other in physical ways. A favorite way to do this is by sending tangible mail. I long to foster friendships across the globe by strengthening creativity, embracing our differences, and finding unity in our humanity…

That’s why I started Art Buddies Unite. I believe creativity is a gift we all have as humans, and it’s our greatest asset when thinking for ourselves and problem-solving. If we can develop those abilities and unite together in harmony while doing it, I believe we can have a positive impact in the world.

Download tools & get started!


Download your tools above to start a new chain and be a part of the Art Buddies Unite movement! Print 12 copies of the letter & 12 copies of the gift tag.

Follow the instructions in the letter to get started! If you already received an Art Buddies Unite letter from someone, send a simple work of art to the person listed in space #1 along with the gift tag, filled out with your information.

Questions? Connect with me

On the ‘gram: @artbuddies.unite

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