Hey, I’m Makie. I like big hair, wide hats & down-to-earth folks. If you’re authentically you, then you’re welcome here, my friend! I am farm-raised from Minnesota, and I currently live on the California coast. I’m an ♫ indie music artist & ✎ visual artist. I have spent my entire life going back and forth between these two mediums.

You can find me & my music on Spotify, iTunes and all your favorite streaming services under “Makie”. Search for my latest song, ⚓︎ ANCHOR DOWN, and we’ll meet each other there! You may also enjoy my latest music video. Watch to the end and you’ll see my entire family! My stuntman husband sings on the track with me and graciously agreed to be in the video with me ;). I hope you’ll take to heart this message that is simple and true: Let’s Anchor Down, friends — in our family relationships and neighborly interactions, and simply, just love one another.

I hope to inspire you to chase dreams and try new things with my lifestyle brand, ✿ LATE BLOOMER CREW, because I believe it’s #NeverTooLate to bloom!!! Contrary to popular opinion, I choose to think life can be long rather than short. If you look at it that way, you’ll see there is a lot of life for us to live, and a lot of dreams to explore no matter our age or circumstance. Snag some swag in our shop and join our crew if you want to be a Late Bloomer, too!

In response to the isolation & conflict we’ve collectively experienced in the last couple years, I started a movement called Art Buddies Unite. It’s an effort to connect Humanity through creativity. Consider starting your own Art Buddies chain if you’d like to make new friends around the world!

As an artist I’m continually creating. As a person, I fill many roles. Some of my most treasured titles are: Wifey, Mama, and Bonus Mom. My goal is to uplift others, bring joy, be real, and embody love. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me. I invite you to join me in community and friendship. Let’s lift each other up and support one-another!

God bless,

MAKIE + the Late Bloomer Crew

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