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The Importance of Music & Art in a Child’s Life…

Interview By Heather Sanders (OMSH) on ThePioneerWoman.com

“As a child, having the presence of music in my life allowed me the ability to fall asleep at night, to dream actively, and to be accompanied by an ever evolving soundtrack to my rich imaginary life both indoors and out.  Some of the greatest truths and life lessons I’ve learned have come from lyrics accompanied by melodies that stick with me to this day. Think about it. How do most kids learn the alphabet? Through a song!  I often escaped cold, winter recess in the art room and spent study halls in the music room singing songs. I know music and other creative electives aren’t going to connect on that deep a level with every child, but I do believe being exposed to music, arts, and creative writing will increase a child’s ability to excel at their endeavors…”

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