Young marine, pretty boy, handsome man, not a toy
War torn soul, closed up tight, can’t get in, without a fight

Make a pact, don’t react , you’ll be gone, but then you’re back
Take your time, I’ll be fine, I won’t cry, cuz you’re all mine

Take my hand, let me see, the hurt you feel, inside of me

Hey marine, aren’t you cute, look at you, in that suit
My marine, I’m right here, look at me, aren’t I dear

That’s just fine, take your time, I got your back, If you got mine
Don’t you know, you gotta go, I’ll see ya soon, before the snow and sand

Let me see, the hurt you feel, inside of me

All I wanna do is run with you, all I wanna be is your sweetie
All you gotta do is show me, all you gotta do is love me
Love me, yeah, love me, love me, yeah, love me, love me

Hey marine, yeah still here, look at me, please don’t fear
I’ll wait around, rain or shine, take a call, anytime

Oh my gosh, you want a wife, but looky here, I’ve found a life
Don’t you know, I’ve got to go, I’m sorry babe, but that’s my show